Who is Us?

Sinan Şen was born in 1958 and graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in 1983. He started his professional life with project drawing and control services in Balıkesir / Gönen in 1985, and then in 1996, he established Sinan Mühendislik, a mid-level construction company.
Our company continues to provide services in the field of industrial structures with more than a quarter of a century of knowledge and experience, a team of specialists in its business, a sufficient amount of construction molds, scaffoldings and small construction machines.

Our Fields Of Activity

• Biogas Reactors
• Reinforced Concrete Floors Designed for Heavy Loads
• Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Industrial Pools
• Field Concrete
• Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls
• Reinforced Concrete and Prefabricated Buildings

Our Mission

Sinan Engineering, which is based on creating value by meeting the expectations of our customers with a stable quality understanding, produces industrial structures suitable for developing construction technologies with its 26 years of experience. Sinan Engineering, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, is based on the understanding of perfection, respects people, nature, the environment and society, makes a difference in the sector with its high-quality construction approach, serves with the quality understanding created within the framework of the use of modern technology, expert human resources and knowledge.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continually improve the project delivery process associated with us and continue to strengthen our team, helping our clients achieve their business goals. We aim to be one of the preferred companies in the field of industrial structures throughout the country by offering quality products and services that can meet the expectations of our customers.

Company Values

• Customer happiness
The result of our efforts should be a satisfied customer. Our reputation is the key to Sinan Engineering's longevity in the construction industry and will continue to be the key to its future success.
• Responsibility
We feel responsible for our work and our environment, and we put forth the highest effort to fulfill the requirements of our work.
• Teamwork
Sinan Engineering consists of qualified individuals, each of whom is an expert in their field. As a company, we believe that we can achieve perfection only with teamwork and we do our best to nurture this spirit.
• Respect for Labour
We always consider the right in our evaluations and decisions and take care to fulfill them on time.
• Integrity
We manage our relations with all our stakeholders on the basis of honesty, by observing transparency in our business actions and decisions.
• Safety
In our business, we see safety as our unwavering priority.

Our Occupational Health And Safety, Environmental Policy

• Trying to continue our work with zero occupational accidents and zero environmental accidents.
• To make the best occupational health and safety practices,
• To comply with the applicable environmental and occupational health and safety legal and other requirements in all our activities,
• To prevent environmental pollution in our fields of activity and production,
• Protecting natural resources and minimizing the amount of waste while carrying out our projects,
• To continuously improve Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Awareness.